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Drag Racing


Jim Hull vs. Matt Renfro

Jim Hull Drifting the Vega - Not on purpose, of course

This is one quick Geo Metro

This ain't your Mom's Minivan

My friend Wayne's '69 Camaro RS/SS - I'm helping with the burnout (QuickTime Video)

Big Truck hauling the mail - Jet Engine Style




Carlos Mencia Drive-By Shooting School

Carlos Mencia - Get  Job

Friday vs Monday at Work

Carlos Mencia - My Mya 7-11 Store




Subaru STi having fun in the snow

F-Body Exhibition of Speed - Part 1 (Credit Knighthawk Productions)

F-Body Exhibition of Speed - Part 2 (Credit Knighthawk Productions)

F-Body Copulation Video

(Credit Kevin Copeland from Ronin Wheelers & OregonX from The New X)

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