2008 Nissan XTerra S

This page will contain pictures of our new 2008 XTerra S
and our exploits in and around the mountains of Colorado.

Pics added May 3, 2009


New 2008 XTerra

Another shot of the New XTerra

New XTerra at Monument Lake

Another Monument Lake shot

In the garage nice and clean


Pics added May 24, 2009


Looking over the valley

Small Wheel Well Tuck


Rock Ledge1

Rock Ledge2

Rock Ledge3

Rock Ledge4

Overlooking Limbaugh Canyon

That's Close Enough

Rock Ledge5

Overlooking Limbaugh Canyon Again

Up On Top

From Down Below

Up On Top2

Up On Top3

Standing On The Bumper Overlooking The Canyon

Butler Canyon Off Ice Cave Creek Rd.

Butler Canyon Again

Up Close

Winding Stairs

Winding Stairs2

Winding Stairs3


Pics added May 24, 2009


Wobbly Washout Area off Balanced Rock Rd

Following Cody Down The Trail

Me & Cody Parked Off Balanced Rock Rd.

Another Shot Of Me & Cody

Getting Tight

Still On The Trail

Another Narrow Spot

Tight & Wobbly

Pics added February 15, 2010

New Hankook DynoPro ATM 33's

Front shot of new tires
A Beast is Born

Close Up shot of the Hankook DynoPro ATM LT285/75/16's

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